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Management structure

The Coordinator of the project is Professor Søren Buus, University of Copenhagen. Through his participation in a number of projects funded by both the European Commision and the US National Institues of Health (NIH) Professor Buus has extensive experience in leading interdisciplinary research teams.

The Project Management Structure aims at providing and efficient synergy and proper flow of information among the partners of the HiPadconsortium.  The overall project management (WP8) is lead by the Project Coordinator, Prof. Buus, University of Copenhagen, who works at all times in close contact with the single partners, the Steering Committee and the EU-Liason Office at the University of Copenhagen.
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Diagram for project management


The plan illustrates the relation between the partners, the Coordinator, the EU Liaison Office at University of Copenhagen and the EU-Commission. The Coordinator is responsible for the project towards the EU-Commission. The Coordinator and his Assistant Manager is at all times be in close contact with the EU-Liaison Office at the University of Copenhagen. 

EU expertise to make things run smoothly

The chief advisor, Dr. Poul Petersen, has many years of experience in coordinating and managing EU Framework Projects. He is available to the Coordinator and the project partners regarding assistance on any issues amongst the partners or in relation to the European Commission. The University of Copenhagen has extensive experience in managing EU projects.