Work Package 1:Development and synthesis of peptide microarrays – University of Copenhagen

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Work Package 1: Development and synthesis of peptide microarrays

  • To implement synthesis of high-density peptide microarrays in formats suitable for analysis by MALDI-imaging, SPRi and MOSFET biosensors.
  • Develop software for integration of layout and analysis of peptide arrays with high-capacity bioinformatics data systems.

High-density peptide arrays will be synthesized on glass, metallized surfaces and CMOS-sensors using existing synthesis machinery. Array formats will be adapted for use in MALDI-imagers, in SPRi-devices working on nanostructured substrates and in CMOS-sensors for handheld recording devices. Software will be developed for genome-wide analyses based on results from arrays with more than 1 million different peptides

Partner responsibilities:

  • P1 for analyzing immune reactions using peptide microarrays
  • P2 is responsible for all peptide microarray synthesis. All partners are responsible for designing and/or analyzing peptide microarrays.
  • P3 for performing MALDI IMS analysis
  • P4 for developing SPRi detection of peptide microarrays
  • P5 for developing surface coatings
  • P7 for developing MALDI instruments
  • P6 for developing 3D surfaces
  • P8 for developing MALDI desorption of peptides
  • P9 for developing MOSFET detection of peptide microarrays
  • P10 for developing bioinformatics tools to analyze peptide microarrays