Work Package 6: Mapping Antibody Specificities – University of Copenhagen

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Work Package 6:

To develop methods for finding binding motifs from peptide array data, and apply these to biological problems. Special focus will be on prediction of binders of immune receptors such as antibodies, TCR molecules and MHC class I and II molecules.

Train neural networks (NNs) from MHC class I data based on microarrays where the peptides are tethered at predetermined amino acid positions.

2) Train NNs for class II binding with peptides tethered through the C terminus.
 Design new microarrays, which aims to be maximally informative in relation to increase the accuracy of the predictors.

3) Develop methods for finding antibody-binding motifs from monoclonal antibodies.

4) Develop methods for finding antibody binding motifs from polyclonal sera
P10 is responsible for performing bioinformatics analysis and design of peptide microarrays. P1 contributes with reagents (i.e. MHC) for peptide-analyte analysis, P2 generates peptide microarrays. P4 is responsible for performing SPRi analysis, P3 for performing MALDI IMS analysis and P7 for MALDI IMS instruments.