Work Package 8: Mapping Cellular Immune Specificities – University of Copenhagen

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Work Package 8:

Create and maintain a harmonious, balanced and mutually beneficial environment within the consortium for all partners.

Co-ordinate consortium activities and manage the overall consortium legal, contractual, financial and administrative aspects; ensure that partners obtain audit certificates and financial security when re-quested by the Commission.

Ensure that each WP is in step with all other WPs and that there are enough resources to carry out the work planned at any point throughout the project. 
Seek high visibility for the project through selective disclosure of knowledge without jeopardizing IPR Enforce high standards for project deliverables

All overall Management tasks will be undertaken by the coordinator, UCPH.
 The different tasks include

  • Preparation of Consortium Agreement (to be signed before the start, hence not paid by the project)
  • Construction of a interactive project web site, hosted by the coordinator

  • Preparation and execution of Steering Committee meetings, writing of minutes etc.
  • Handling of pre-financing and payment transactions to the other project partners.

  • Collection of Form C from the partners and submission of Periodic and Final reports to the Commission
  • Handling of possible amendment requests, communication with the EC etc.
  • Quality assurance of project deliverables.
Partners receiving more than 375.000 Euro have been allocated a separate Audit budget to cover the costs of the External Auditor.

P1 is responsible for project management